5 Notable Urban Farms in Chicago

Some local and national headlines in 2016 focused on a relatively uncovered topic at the time: urban farms in Chicago. That was a banner year for the Windy City’s involvement in the now-trendy urban agriculture phenomenon. A lot of the press surrounded how the City of Chicago received a $1 million federal grant through the… Read more »

History of Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is experiencing a boost in popularity that started several decades ago. It’s now recognized and accepted as a way to experience a variety of environmental, economic, and social benefits. A lot of people — from entrepreneurs and community leaders to the general public — have taken note. Those interested in modern-day vertical farms,… Read more »

The Rise of Food Systems Experts

Food systems incorporate everything food-related from field to fork. It brings together growing, packaging, transporting, selling, and consuming food. As a result, agriculture, nutrition, health, and economic development are involved in food systems individually and collectively. Imagine what that means for individual cities. Communities have to wrestle with far-reaching implications, such as wider food sustainability… Read more »

Plants and Policies: How Urban Farming is Transforming Cities

Urban farming started to experience a renaissance in U.S. cities during the 1990s as a solution to food insecurity. Then it became “increasingly linked with environmental justice activism, local food promotion, urban sustainability efforts, community health campaigns, and food justice activism,” according to K. Michelle Glowa in “The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional… Read more »

Modern Fitness Technology: Its Impact on Consumers and Athletes

Few examples better demonstrate how quickly technology evolves than the role of technology in fitness. Perhaps the quintessential piece of in-home fitness equipment, the treadmill, owes at least part of its popularity to technology. The Washington Post noted how the addition of music, television, and eventually WiFi to exercise equipment during the 1990s and 2000s… Read more »

The Psychology of Cheating in Sports

There’s a long history of athletes who have cheated. The examples are so rampant that it’s difficult to even summarize the presence of cheating in sports. Three of the major American professional sports have been impacted. Major League Baseball saw the Black Sox Scandal in the early part of the 20th century, and in the… Read more »

Blowing the Whistle on Home Field Advantage

It’s easy to believe in the power of home field advantage. Teams regularly avoid resting their stars later in the season when jockeying for playoff seeding just to earn the right to play in front of their home fans. Look at football, where the term “12th man” has emerged to describe how fans act like… Read more »

The Rundown on Different Types of Running

Runners looking to enhance their skill and reduce their risk of injury have some difficult decisions to make. After all, up to 79% of distance runners experience one injury or more per year, based on a literature review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. From training regimens to the proper footwear, it’s tricky… Read more »

Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Exercise: What’s the Difference?

In the general public, there can be confusion over anaerobic vs. aerobic exercise. Often, the discussion surrounds which form of exercise is better for weight loss or overall fitness. While there are important differences between aerobic and anaerobic exercise, both are important. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), adults should… Read more »

Persuasive Communication in Business Negotiations

Business negotiations aren’t confined to contract talks with third parties or discussions about a raise in salary. They take place in brainstorming sessions, elevator pitches to potential investors, and everyday conversations with coworkers. Mastering persuasive communication in business is essential to a successful career, regardless of your position. So, how do you master those important… Read more »