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Open Educational Resources at Aurora University

Open Educational Resources (OER) are changing the way we learn, and Aurora University is at the forefront by adopting OER in its online Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree program. The expert instructors in this program use OER in place of traditional textbooks. This means digital, openly licensed content is available to students at no cost.

Why OER?

Because OER can be customized for a specific course or topic, they allow us to curate innovative content from multiple authors and perspectives. In addition, OER often feature multimedia and other dynamic elements, so students can learn with interactive and engaging course content. This program’s use of OER creates an opportunity for students to study content that best meets their needs, providing a dynamic learning experience.

Your Education is More Affordable Than Ever

Because AU Online uses OER for the MPA program, you will benefit from significant savings on textbook costs. The OER library and network allow you to access your learning materials without the high price of traditional textbooks. By going textbook free, your education is both accessible and affordable.

Customized Learning with Unlimited Access

Our commitment to providing OER ensures that you will receive the best academic experience possible. The use of OER empowers our expert faculty to select the latest resources for enhanced coursework, creating a customizable experience. With AU Online and OER, you can be confident you are gaining the skills to succeed in your chosen career.


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How It Works: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all OER at no cost? The course content you study in AU Online’s MPA or for the MPA portion of the MSW/MPA program will be available online, free of charge. It can be downloaded, edited and shared at no cost to students.
  • How does Aurora University use OER? At AU Online, instructors use OER as primary learning materials for the MPA program and the MPA coursework for the Dual MSW/MPA program.
  • What is open licensing? Open licensing is what makes OER unique — it gives instructors, students and other users permission to share and adapt educational resources to meet their specific needs. The authors still receive attribution for their work, and you are able to study their content for free.
  • Are all OER available online? OER are available exclusively online, but instructors and students can print them out and share as needed. This eliminates the need for traditional textbooks and makes studying online easier than ever.

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