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History of Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture is experiencing a boost in popularity that started several decades ago. It’s now recognized and accepted as a way to experience a variety of environmental, economic, and social benefits. A lot of people — from entrepreneurs and community leaders to the general public — have taken note. Those interested in modern-day vertical farms,… Read more »

The Rise of Food Systems Experts

Food systems incorporate everything food-related from field to fork. It brings together growing, packaging, transporting, selling, and consuming food. As a result, agriculture, nutrition, health, and economic development are involved in food systems individually and collectively. Imagine what that means for individual cities. Communities have to wrestle with far-reaching implications, such as wider food sustainability… Read more »

MPA Careers Guide

Explore Your Options If you’ve ever thought about creating policies to improve society, a business or an organization, then a Master of Public Administration (MPA) might be for you. In 1947, Gordon Clapp, then-chair of the Tennessee Valley Authority, defined public administration (PA) “as a public instrument whereby democratic society may be more completely realized.”… Read more »

What is Public Administration?

There has been a pothole on your drive home for a year, and it’s only getting bigger. You’ve called city officials multiple times, but there’s just so much red tape and maybe there’s not enough money in the budget. You recently returned from a vacation, and you can’t shake the images of poverty that you… Read more »

Differences in Management – Public vs Private Sector

When we think of degrees in public administration (PA), we tend to think of government jobs. According to the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration, more than half of public administration graduates were working in the government six months after graduating. But PA degrees are valuable for careers in both public and… Read more »

Humanitarian Careers: 10 Jobs that Help People

What if your work was a satisfying career and one that helped people? Humanitarian careers allow you to effect change and better people’s lives. Humanitarian careers aren’t just the jobs that directly help people in need. They may focus on education, the arts or health — all things that people need to achieve their best… Read more »

Working in Government: Should I Work on the Local, State or Federal Level?

There are many similarities when comparing jobs in local, state or federal government. However, the work can vary drastically when comparing the three levels. Whether you are drawn to the job security of government work, or interested in making a difference in your community or at a global level, this quiz will help you determine… Read more »