Working in Government: Should I Work on the Local, State or Federal Level?

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There are many similarities when comparing jobs in local, state or federal government. However, the work can vary drastically when comparing the three levels. Whether you are drawn to the job security of government work, or interested in making a difference in your community or at a global level, this quiz will help you determine which level of government you would enjoy the most, and suggest various government jobs.

Whether you want to be a city planner, postal worker, park ranger, state law clerk or an FBI employee, take our quiz to find out if you’re better suited to pursue a career in local, state or federal government.

1.Do you enjoy traveling for work?

2.Are you passionate about your local community?

3.Do you see yourself with a long-term career in politics?

4.Are you looking for opportunities for paid school advancement from your employer?

5.Is pay one of the most important aspects of a career for you?

6.Is job stability/security a major factor for you?

7.How much time do you prefer to dedicate to work?

8.Do you prefer to see the results and changes you implement and impact happen around you?

9.Do you care what others in your community think of you – for example, would you be comfortable publicly taking a stand on a hot topic?

10.Do you enjoy looking at financials?

11.Are you OK with wearing business attire every day?

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Quiz Results

Explore Careers in Local Government

You probably want to stay close to home, and who can blame you since you are dedicated to your community? You care about your area, like to see the impact you are making first-hand, and you probably care what your friends, family, and neighbors think of you. You can make a big difference on a local level, and it’s exciting because typically that is where everything begins.

Local government jobs include youth program manager, fire inspector and investigator, database manager, city planner… and don’t forget mayor! We think you’d be a great fit in whatever you decide to pursue at the local level.

Explore Careers at the State Government Level

State employees often enjoy a great deal of job stability and pay, and know they can really make a difference.

You’re probably OK with taking risks from time to time, like handling and dispersing funds, and pay is an important aspect of a job but not the be all, end all.

State government jobs include judicial law clerks, state budget analysts, state inspectors, public data analysts… and don’t forget state senators!

Explore Careers within the Federal Government

You’re ambitious and see yourself with a long career ahead of you. You aren’t afraid of taking risks if you feel they may lead to high reward. You can go it alone if you need to, and you’re not afraid to share your opinion.

Whether you are a fan of traveling for work or not, federal positions are versatile and can be found in all states. There are many benefits, such as federal pay, health and child care benefits, and retirement savings plans that are competitive to those offered within the private sector.

Additionally, the U.S. government offers some of the country’s best advanced education and training assistance opportunities, and even scholarships.

Some federal government jobs include postmaster, FBI employee, national park worker, veteran’s affairs coordinator, military secretary… and don’t forget U.S. president!

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