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Eight Things To Know When Starting Your New Brand in 2021

This blog post was written by guest contributor Nathaniel Crawford, owner of Captures By TK Photo and Film Recently, I had a young creative reach out to me on Instagram and ask for any insights, recommendations, and sources on starting a photography business in the coming year. As we were chatting back and forth, a… Read more »

Embodying Transformational Leadership in Business

The leadership in an organization often makes the difference between success and failure. A management team’s leadership approach has a massive impact on recruitment, profitability, retention, and reputation. One popular approach to management is transformational leadership. Leadership and organizational behavior scholar Bernard Morris Bass stated, “Leadership makes its presence felt throughout the organization and its… Read more »

How to Improve Employee Engagement

The benefits of employee engagement are plentiful. From better output to increased retention, employee engagement has many positive effects on an organization. It makes sense that plenty of managers are focused on how to improve employee engagement and see the benefits. While employee engagement is on the rise, it still is not universal. In 2018,… Read more »

How to Develop Your Leadership Style

Business professionals have a lot to consider as they begin thinking about leading a team. As pressures mount in the workplace with approaching deadlines and other complications, people in leadership positions use their different management styles to solve problems and complete projects. For aspiring managers, executives, and entrepreneurs, it’s necessary to consider how to generate… Read more »

5 Notable Urban Farms in Chicago

Some local and national headlines in 2016 focused on a relatively uncovered topic: urban farms in Chicago. That was a banner year for the Windy City’s involvement in the now-trendy urban agriculture phenomenon. A lot of the press surrounded how the City of Chicago received a $1 million federal grant through the U.S. Department of… Read more »

Plants and Policies: How Urban Farming is Transforming Cities

Urban farming started to experience a renaissance in U.S. cities during the 1990s as a solution to food insecurity. Then it became “increasingly linked with environmental justice activism, local food promotion, urban sustainability efforts, community health campaigns, and food justice activism,” according to K. Michelle Glowa in “The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional… Read more »

Persuasive Communication in Business Negotiations

Business negotiations aren’t confined to contract talks with third parties or discussions about a raise in salary. They take place in brainstorming sessions, elevator pitches to potential investors, and everyday conversations with coworkers. Mastering persuasive communication in business is essential to a successful career, regardless of your position. So, how do you master those important… Read more »

Success Mindset: Applying Psychological Principles to Business

What does it take to become successful in the business world? To start, you could certainly point to having a strong set of skills and the right type of knowledge. Those qualities are important, but they’re not everything. Consider how a survey from Indeed questioned 1,000 employers about the most impressive top performer they’ve ever… Read more »

Optimism vs. Realism: How to Strike a Balance to Make Better Business Decisions

The Windows Phone was a make-or-break product during Steve Ballmer’s tenure as CEO of Microsoft. Before the device launched in 2010, there were signs that investors and employees had lost confidence in Ballmer’s performance according to Reuters. Capturing a share of the mobile market must have seemed like an effective way to regain their support…. Read more »

Why Your Workplace Mindset Matters

Looking for an edge in your upcoming phone interview? Maybe you should dress up, even though your interviewer won’t actually see you. It might seem like it wouldn’t matter, but having your favorite suit or dress on can enhance your confidence and the way you think. Studies in Social Psychological and Personality Science found that… Read more »