Minors: Business

business minor online
Adding a minor to your bachelor’s degree program can help expand the breadth and depth of your knowledge and prepare you for a wider range of career options after graduation. Our minors complement our undergraduate programs, allowing you to explore your passions, pursue new areas of interest and develop additional skills that will make you even more marketable in the workplace.

Program Requirements

  • A minimum of 18 semester hours, at least nine of which must be earned at AU.
  • A maximum of four semester hours of credit/no credit coursework will apply toward a minor and no “D’s” will be applied toward a minor.

Adding a minor is optional and not required for graduation. The online minor programs cannot be combined with a master’s degree program.

Minor in Business Administration – 20 semester hours

BUS1020 Foundations of Management – 4 hours
ACC2020 Foundations of Managerial Accounting – 4 hours
MTH2320 General Statistics – 4 hours
ECN2030 Principles of Economics – 4 hours
MKT2300 Principles of Marketing – 4 hours

The business administration minor is not open to business administration majors.