Careers in Communications

Communication Career Outcomes

In the communication program at Aurora University Online, you’ll receive a credential that uncovers several career options across the industry. You can also pursue careers that might typically fall outside of communication, given the versatile education you’ll receive in the program.

We start you with a curriculum that includes writing, oral presentation, technology and other concepts in communication. These courses prepare you for careers across journalism, business, graphic design, media, web and more. Listed below are communication degree jobs you may obtain with a BA in Communication.

Careers with a Communication Degree

  • Copywriter: A copywriter conceptualizes and writes marketing material for an organization. The material can range from emails and brochures to digital content such as blog posts and social media messages. A copywriter often works alongside other creative members, such as designers.
  • Events Planner: An events planner coordinates business meetings, trade shows, conventions and other types of events. A focus is on the details and elements that must come together smoothly for a successful event. An event planner can work independently, in a corporate setting or for a wide range of businesses.
  • Media Planner: A media planner makes decisions on how a media campaign will unfold. Based on reading or viewing habits, such as for a magazine or television commercial, respectively, a media planner looks at reaching the right audience for the least amount of money. A media planner often works at advertising agencies.
  • Personnel Recruiter: A personnel recruiter searches for qualified candidates that a company can hire. Working with hiring managers, a recruiter will contact and screen applicants, and then arrange interviews. A personnel recruiter also needs to maintain a strong knowledge of employment guidelines and laws.
  • Public Relations Coordinator: A public relations coordinator strategically uses broadcast, print and online media to improve relations with the public. Analyzing public opinion, the coordinator may use press releases and events, as well as handle media inquiries, to elevate the company’s status.

Essential Skills for Communication Professionals

  • A strong grasp of the verbal and written communication skills that serve as the foundation for your career.
  • Social skills that you’ll use with your colleagues and the general public to enhance the quality of your work.
  • Knowledge of consumer culture that will help you meet the needs of the general public, as it relates to your career.
  • Collaborative skills that are effective in stressful situations and for improving the quality of an office environment.
  • Knowledge of media technologies that you may use in your position.

Career Planning and Job Search Resources

The Aurora University Online Advantage

Aurora University Online offers professionals a convenient educational track to discover versatile careers in communication. Gain a broad understanding of complex communication subjects with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication offered fully online. Our curriculum bridges practical subjects with hands-on training for a well-rounded academic experience.