MBA Career Outcomes

MBA Career Outcomes

In the MBA program at Aurora University Online, you’ll gain a credential that can help you succeed in multiple industries and roles. Your education will prepare you to excel as a manager, executive or other business leader in your chosen field.

The curriculum includes a strong foundation in organizational topics that include leadership, research and marketing, finance, operations, and strategic management. You will also have 15 hours of electives to choose topics most relevant to your career goals. Here are some potential MBA careers you could pursue with your degree.

Careers With an MBA Degree

  • Advertising Executive: An advertising executive creatively markets a company’s products and services. Working within a team, an advertising executive will research, brainstorm and take advantage of other techniques to maximize the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Brand Specialist: A brand specialist focuses on the overall approach to a company’s identity. By overhauling the brand and utilizing psychological design concepts, the brand develops a corporate identity that can resonate with the brand’s target audience.
  • Consultant: A consultant studies a company’s operations and structure to propose changes that will improve efficiency and overall strategy. As a result, the consultant is able to boost the bottom line of a business. This career field can be specialized, such as in management as well as the technical and scientific areas.
  • Entrepreneur: Thanks to thorough preparation across all areas of business, MBA graduates have all they need to start their own business. An entrepreneur can take advantage of a current need in the marketplace to conceive and build a successful organization.
  • Marketing Analyst: A marketing analyst looks at prices and market conditions in specific locations to help a business make strategic decisions. The analyst will consider large quantities of information taken from the Internet, as well as relevant surveys and reports.
  • Sales Manager: A sales manager oversees a team dedicated to improving profit. The manager establishes goals, analyzes data and manages program development for team members.

Essential Skills for Business Leaders

  • Knowledge of marketing that includes traditional as well as online components.
  • Written and verbal communication skills that can improve the efficiency of an organization.
  • Knowledge of finance and accounting will affect any business leader, whether he or she is responsible for the finances within an organization.
  • Problem-solving skills that help you meet complicated situations that arise in the business world.
  • Team-building skills that help you connect with your colleagues, maintain a high level of work culture and improve as an organization.

Career Planning and Job Search Resources

The Aurora University Online Advantage

Further your career in business with an advanced degree from Aurora University Online. Continue your business education with an online Master of Business Administration. Aurora University Online gives you the tools you need to meet your career goals in business.