Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

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The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice adult degree completion program at Aurora University Online is designed for busy, working students who have life experience relevant to the fields of criminal justice. Courses are held in five- to eight-week modules and transfer credit from other regionally accredited institutions is welcomed. The program provides you with a broad academic background in criminal justice that prepares you for careers in law enforcement, corrections, courts, probation, parole or private security. In elective courses, you’ll be able to personalize your degree with classes in your area of interest.

Program Requirements

The online criminal justice degree requires 120 semester hours, including 40 semester hours within the major. Courses completed at regionally accredited colleges or universities are considered for articulation into AU credits.

Admission Requirements

  • Two (2) years demonstrated work experience, military service or other relevant adult responsibilities
  • 15 semester hours of transferable college or university credit from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale

*Transcripts (official, sealed in envelope) from all previously attended colleges and/or universities

*Individual circumstances may be reviewed by your admission counselor.


The bachelor’s degree gives students access to careers in the criminal justice field. Additionally, current professionals with some college credits can advance their careers with a degree. Once that degree is completed, then what? Check out some additional information about the different careers in criminal justice.

Course Details

CRJ1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice System – 4 hours
CRJ2150 Correctional Services – 4 hours
CRJ2300 Criminology – 4 hours
CRJ2420 Criminal Law – 4 hours
CRJ2500 Policing America – 4 hours
CRJ3610 Research Methods – 4 hours
CRJ4800 Strategic Planning and Ethics – 4 hours
Electives – 12 hours

Course details are based on information available at the time of publication. Specific program requirements are subject to change.

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