10 Scholarships for Working Moms

10 Scholarships for Working Moms

Balancing work, family and education is a challenge that many women face. With so many responsibilities on your plate, figuring out how to afford going to back to school shouldn’t be another challenge. At Aurora University Online, we understand that, and we’re not the only ones. Scholarship providers across the U.S. recognize the unique challenges of working mothers who are continuing their education. Because of this, there are many scholarship opportunities available specifically for working moms. To make sure that you have access to the resources you need, we’ve put together a list of 10 scholarships that are open to applicants just like you—working moms who are looking into going back to school. Whether you are considering the business administration degree from Aurora or one of our many other online degree programs, these organizations and links are a great place to start.

1. Blue Soda Promo Women in Marketing Scholarship

Blue Soda PromoAs a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC) member, Blue Soda Promo offers a $1,000 scholarship in the form of $500 per semester. Applicants must be women who are working to pursue a degree in either marketing or advertising. To qualify for the Blue Soda Promo scholarship, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, fill out the online form and write a short essay that addresses the following two questions:

  • How does being a young woman set you apart in the marketing/advertising field?
  • What, if any, obstacles do you feel you may have to overcome being a woman in the marketing/advertising field?

For more information on this scholarship, visit bluesodapromo.com.

2. Curiel & Runion Single Mother Scholarship

Curiel and RunionThis scholarship is open to single mothers who are going back to school. The law offices of Curiel & Runion are offering two $1,000 scholarships. To apply, write a 500-plus word essay on what you feel are the advantages to going back to school after experiencing motherhood. This scholarship can be used toward tuition, books and other school-related expenses. Participants must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

For more information, visit curielandrunion.com.

3. Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Awards

SoroptimistSoroptimist is an international organization that gives business women a way to work together and improve the lives of women and girls. It awards scholarships in three amounts: $3,000, $5,000 and $10,000. The various qualifications for these awards include:

  • Must be a woman of at least 17 years of age
  • Must be a mother with children who are minors
  • Must be enrolled in a degree, GED or skills/vocational program
  • Must meet income requirements

For more information about the Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Awards, visit soroptimist.org.

4. Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation

Patsy Takemoto MinkThis scholarship is offered to five low-income women with children who are pursuing education or training. Funds awarded may be used for direct school expenses or for living expenses during enrollment. The foundation supports educational access, support and opportunity for mothers and educational enrichment for children. The scholarship amount is $3,000 per recipient. Requirements for this award include:

  • Must be a woman who is at least 17 years of age
  • Must be a mother with minor children
  • Must be enrolled in a skills training, ESL or GED program or pursuing a degree
  • Must be enrolled in an accredited program
  • Must meet income requirements

For more information, visit patsyminkfoundation.org.

5. Emerge Scholarship

EmergeEmerge offers scholarships to women whose educations have been interrupted and who aim to give back to their communities. Scholarships are awarded in amounts ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. Qualifications include the following:

  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  • Must be enrolled in a continuing education program
  • Must complete both the application and essay form

For a complete list of qualifications and for more information, visit emergescholarships.org.

6. Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship

Jeannette RankinThis scholarship is given in honor of Jeannette Rankin, the first woman to be elected to the U.S. Congress, and celebrates women who value education for themselves and their communities. Awards are given in the amount of $2,000. You must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  • Must be a woman, age 35 or older
  • Must meet income requirements
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.
  • Must be pursuing a technical/vocational education or a degree
  • Must be enrolled in or accepted to an accredited school

For more information, visit rankinfoundation.org.

7. American Association of University Women (AAUW)

AAUWThis organization awards a variety of scholarships and grants to women who are advancing their education. Scholarships and grants are available in the following categories:

  • American fellowships
  • Career development grants
  • Community action grants
  • International fellowships
  • International project grants
  • Selected professions fellowships

For more information regarding qualifications and the application process, visit aauw.org.

8. Talbots Scholarship Program

Scholarship AmericaThis program annually awards $10,000 and $30,000 scholarships in honor of Nancy Talbot. It aims to support women who demonstrate courage, conviction and an entrepreneurial character. Eligible applicants will meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a woman currently residing in the U.S. or Canada
  • Must have earned a high school diploma or GED
  • Must be enrolled or planning to enroll in an undergraduate course of study at an accredited institution
  • Must be attending the entire academic year
  • Must have at least two semesters remaining to complete an undergraduate degree

For more information, visit scholarshipamerica.org.

9. Linda Lael Miller Scholarship

Linda Lael MillerLinda Lael Miller is a best-selling author who supports continuing education for women. She awards $1,000 scholarships to women who demonstrate how continuing their education will better their family’s future. Requirements for eligibility include:

  • Must be a woman age 25 or older
  • Must be enrolled in a continuing education program
  • Must be a citizen of the U.S. or Canada
  • Must complete the assigned essay

For more information, visit lindalaelmiller.com.

10. Single-Parent Scholarship from SR Education Group

SR LogoThis scholarship is for $2,000 and is awarded to single parents who are attending college. Awards are need-based and require applicants to answer three essay-style questions.

For more information, visit sreducationgroup.org.

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