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Online Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Communication

The Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Communication (IC) is a broad-based degree that provides skills and experiences highly desired by companies hiring the next generation of communication professionals. IC graduates work in fields including advertising, public relations, promotional marketing, and other communication and business/nonprofit careers. The IC degree prepares students to engage audiences and deliver consistent and compelling messages across multiple media platforms.

In Aurora University’s IC program, students will gain foundational skills in professional speaking and writing, as well as basic visual and media literacy. In upper-level courses, students will create innovative communication strategies and solve real-world problems by working collaboratively with faculty-practitioners and peers. The IC program teaches an integrated way of thinking that balances cutting-edge digital technologies with tried-and-true best practices of effective oral, written and visual communication.

Program Requirements

The online communication degree program requires 120 semester hours, including 40 semester hours within the major. Courses completed at regionally accredited colleges or universities are considered for articulation into AU credits.

Admission Requirements

  • Two (2) years demonstrated work experience, military service or other relevant adult responsibilities
  • 15 semester hours of transferable college or university credit from a regionally accredited institution with a minimum 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale*
  • Transcripts (official, sealed in envelope) from all previously attended colleges and/or universities

*Individual circumstances may be reviewed by your admission counselor.


Aurora University has a strong network of alumni in the communication professions. The BA in Integrated Communication program will provide you with a strong foundation in the liberal arts and prepare you for a wide variety of careers in fields such as public relations, corporate communication, journalism, web, media and graphic design, business and much more.

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Course Details

Core Courses

COM1550 Professional Communication – 4 hours
COM2200 Writing for Communication – 4 hours
COM2850 Introduction to Visual Communication – 4 hours
COM4990 Communication Project Management – 4 hours
Electives – 8 hours
Selected Courses (listed below) – 16 hours

Select one course from each of the following groups:

Group 1
COM2240 Public Relations – 4 hours
COM2250 Advertising – 4 hours
MKT2300 Principles of Marketing – 4 hours

Group 2
COM3140 Multimedia Journalism – 4 hours
COM3245 Strategic Writing & Production – 4 hours

Group 3
COM3000 Organizational Communication – 4hours
COM3500 Intercultural Communication – 4 hours
MKT3370 Integrated Marketing Communication – 4 hours

Group 4
COM3250 Digital Design – 4 hours
MKT3610 Internet Marketing – 4 hours
COM3630 Social Media & Digital Culture – 4 hours

Course details are based on information available at the time of publication. Specific program requirements are subject to change.

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